Chic baby headbands!

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 I can't get over how much I LOVE this pattern! The Bling in the middle adds the perfect touch!

I love little baby girls! They are just so fun from their heads to their toes! 

20 pcs Block Set

Just Get Fancy!

These tables are currently my favorite addition to our home!  This "Spa Blue" distressed table is the perfect splash of color in my living room! Don't they look great!

I have ALWAYS been a fan of orange! This burnt orange night stand is such a happy piece to add to our bedroom! (One day I'll post a pic of it in action)

This summer we look forward to building many more of these and selling them at the local farmers market!

Cloudy Days!

My sister is currently decorating a nursery for her baby girl! (Due in just a few weeks!) She asked me to make her a sign to use as wall decor! The colors for the nursery are teal, grey and yellow so needless to say this sign should fit right in! Can't wait to see this little one!

I love finding wood with holes and divots! It just means less distressing for me! 
(pictures of the nursery soon to come!)

Spring Green!

Loving the warm weather recently! I'm so excited for spring! Check out our newest item in the shop!

I'm a little obsessed with the glass bottles lately! More coming to our store!

I have seriously held on to this handle for a year! I was looking for the perfect item to add it too! LOVE it!