$3 Headband Tutorial!

So here's the scoop, ever since I cut my hair short I've been meaning to get some funky, cute headbands to spice things us a bit. Well... come to find out they are usually priced higher then I plan to spend so I always just chicken out (Okay they aren't that much but I guess this just goes to show how big of a penny pincher I am!) Needless to say, I put on my "I could make that" hat and got to work!

Seriously the materials cost me $10 for 4 head bands! They were so inexpensive and easy and look how they turned out!!

Watch the tutorial here to learn how to make these $3 headbands!

Sexy 'n Sweet!

This weekend I threw one of my good friends a bridal/lingerie shower! I had so much fun putting it all together I thought I'd share all about it! The theme was "Sexy 'n Sweet" here's the break down!


I saved a bunch of money by making the invites myself on photoshop (I like to use PicMonkey) The Clipart is from JessicaSawyerDesign! She has an adorable shop on Etsy with tons of designs! I added the insert for a game I"ll explain below!
COST = $15
(20 5x7 invites, 20 4x4 inserts, 20 envelopes)


  • Design your own invites
  • Most photo labs will give a discount if you order "invite bundles"
  • A lot of photo labs will have occasional sales on prints! If you know in advance keep an eye out
  • Hand deliver the invitations
They turned out FABULOUS!


  • The Panty Game! - Everyone brings a pair of panties that represents their relationship with the bride. After everyone arrives pin up the panties on a clothes line and have the bride guess who brought which pair! (the panties also make cute decor for the rest of the night) 
  • Prizes can be given for funniest pair, sexiest pair, most likely to be worn pair etc.

  • The Game of Things- Use paper bags, jars, or boxes and label them with different scenarios! (I.e. Things you would never do in front of your in-laws, Things  you should keep in your nightstand, Things you should always do during an argument, Things you wouldn't want to be caught doing by your neighbors etc.) As the night goes on have guest fill out slips of paper with their answers and drop them in the bag accordingly. At the end of the night have the bride read through all the slips of paper as everyone has a good laugh!


  • Use containers (buckets, paper bags, baskets etc.) you already have
  • Use old frames to display game instructions and directions! It's cute and functional!
  • I hate buying items in bulk when I only need about 3 or 4! Instead of buying a pack of paper bags ask your local grocery store if they have a few lunch sacks you can have! 


Here's a peak at some of the yummy food we had at the party! I got the pink wafer cookies at the Dollar store! Go figure! The pink lemonade was a dollar too! Adding frozen strawberries and sliced lemons to the drink made it look FANCY! Believe it or not... paper plates were cheaper at Walmart than the Dollar store, plus they had more variety!


Nail polish and chocolate were the perfect party favors!
COST = $3 Each
($1 bucket, $1 nail polish, Assorted candy)

For the Bride:

For the bride I put together a little Sexy 'n Sweet date night package! I filled it with toppings you'd usually put on ice cream! I recovered them with cute paper to make them look ADORABLE and added a tag with a little poem explaining what these toppings are really meant for... or, you know, they could always go on ice cream too... 
  • Whipped cream
  • Sprinkles
  • Chocolate fudge
  • Maraschino cherries
  • (Could add ice cream dishes and spoons, waffle cones, or other candies)
Everything turned out great! It's always fun to share a night with friends!

Looking for other ideas, tips, and tricks for how to throw a great party? Check out some of my favorites on Funcheaporfree and Thedatingdivas! Happy weekend!

And a Touch of Gold...

Hooray for makeovers! This last weekend we visited my sweet sister in-law from She Calls Me Mama Leisha! As we gabbed over cupcakes and easter eggs we decided to spruce up her living room! I got so excited I put together an inspiration board! I can't wait to get started! I love this color scheme right now! it's like... Rustic meats Glam! Before and After pictures soon to come! 

What colors are you loving right now?!

Chalk Dust!

Would you judge me if I told you I have about 4 chalk boards up at my house? Who doesn't love a cute rustic chalk board?! How great are these! I think the size is fantastic!

This is my first time really working with the grey stain! I really like this look! It seems woodsy to me for some reason! Can't wait to get these up on the wall!

I Don't Know About You... I'm Feelin' 22!

Well! Yesterday was my birthday and it rocked! The cutie pants Mr. threw me a surprise party, we opened presents, we had cake, we ate treats, watched movies, and got to take the day off of work! It was a magical day! I like 22! I actually finally feel my age!

... Does that mean my maturity level maxes out at 22? 

So I decided to come up with a list of 21 things I learned about myself...while I was 21!

>> I LOVE guacamole! 
>> Standing ovations make me cry
>> ... So does the star spangled banner...
>> Earrings are fun!
>> Lipstick is also fun!
>> I LOVE asparagus!
>> I HATE like doing dishes
>> The world is full of beauty
>> Experiencing new cultures is one of the greatest educations one can get! 
>> I really enjoy camping
>> I still could never live without chocolate
>> Education is a good thing
>> Life is so much easier with a purse!
>> True love is one of the greatest things anyone could experience
>> I like the idea of reading more then I like reading 
>> I really enjoy painting things... one day maybe I'll paint a picture
>> I make a lot of decisions based on how I feel about them
>> Balloons are my favorite things about holidays and birthdays! I just like seeing them around!
>> It's fun to pretend cooking "gourmet" desserts and breakfasts but thats all!
>> Fresh flowers make me happy for days
>> Waking up before seven AM is for crazy people!

Well 22... I think it will be a good year for you!

Redwoods CA

Last Summer we took a somewhat spontaneous road trip to the Redwoods! We looked into hotels but... it was cheaper to camp! Plus there's nothing better then sitting around a campfire playing games, eating food, and hanging out - and that's what camping is all about! 

Crater Lake, OR

We've been trying to figure out where this summer will take us... Any suggestions?  

Box It Up!

Newest item to our collection! My favorite part of these boxes are the adorable rustic handles! I say those bottles add the perfect touch! These are going to look fantastic in a window seal or on a shelf!

I can't get enough of those colors! Aren'y they just perfect for spring!!

Southern Utah!

This post may be over due but for Spring Break we went to St. George! -which is basically where the rest of the world goes for spring break... well the rest of UT anyways

We hiked a little...

Modeled a little...

Zion's National Park was a hoot! We actually just kinda drove through and did mini hikes but It was so beautiful! You can tell by our attire that Zion in March is a little chilly! 

We took a day and road triped to Kanab, UT and truly experienced a Redneck's Heaven!

Look at that handsome man! 

 If I look terrified it's because I am... I repelled off a FREAKIN' 100' Cliff!

I had never been to Kanab before infact... I had never even heard of it but it was such a magical place! We told ghost stories over a campfire! Apparently there are legends about a hidden treasure on the property! Maybe next time we'll be lucky enough to cash in!

Spring Break 2014 Success!