Pull Up A Chair! $25

I am absolutely LOVING the warm weather! If I had it my way it would never be colder then 65 degrees! Besides, warm weather means more projects!!! There's so much more you can do in the great outdoors (AKA your backyard!) So, to celebrate out door projects... I got busy with the spray paint!! Check it out! 

This chair had the ugliest red velvet cushions with a black pattern that reminded me of twilight! Bleh! But when I saw it I knew I could make it rock! All it needed was a little love! I recovered the cushions and we sprayed the metal that awesome blue!!! 

I am thrilled with how it turned out!

We are adding this item to our store for $25! I think it would be PERFECT on a front porch, in a living room or used in a photo shoot! Ohhh can't you just see it? I cutie pants little girl sitting on that thing? Ok maybe I'm just baby hungry!

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