Spruce it up!

As I mentioned before, my sister-in-law Aleisha wanted to spruce up her living room! Last weekend I took a trip down and we got crafty! Like all husbands do, her's set a budget and WE TOTALLY ROCKED IT!!! Which is GREAT because I feared that if I didn't stay within budget I would never be invited back :) 




Tips for decorating on a budget:
  • Use things you already have! Aleisha loved her red pillow covers and there was no need to replace all of them! We found ways to incorporate things she had and loved into the new design! Frames and nick nacks are also easy to paint and reuse! 
  • PAINT PAINT PAINT!!! I am a firm believer that you can PAINT anything!!!  (We kinda covered this right above but...) We painted that funky brown side table and it made a world of a difference to the room and hardly cost us anything! 
  • Get out the old sewing machine! Pillow covers at IKEA are  $8 bucks a piece... not totally going to break the bank.. unless you need 5 or 6+ We found some awesome blue and white fabric at Hobby Lobby for a fraction of the cost and made our own pillow covers! 
Ways to spruce things up:

  • Add a cool pattern or design on your table top!
  • Change up the lighting! (Aleisha had this floor lamp in her basement so we decided to switch it out just for fun!)
  • New pillows change the whole look of the room!
  • Don't want to mess around with moving that artwork bolted to the wall? Add Frames on the sides! 
  • Add fun accents like these candle sticks and this painted (and glittered) wooden & sign from The Wood Connection

I'd say we really spruced this bad boy up! Thanks Aleisha for inviting me to come liven things up a bit! Enjoy your new room!!!