A Photo Shoot!

The wild flowers are out! We took a nice drive up the canyon just 30 min from our house and decided to do a photo shoot! Ok... so they look like engagements... but hey, we're just keepin' the love alive! This is one of the many reasons I love living in Northern Utah! 


DIY Dream Catcher!

I came across this photo from ChalkWhiteArrow (check her out here) And fell in love with this dream catcher!

I wanted to recreate this look! Buying one was tempting but...  Lets get real... I'm a DIYer

I used cross stitch looms found at a yard sale for 50 cents! I had some lace and feathers lying around from last years Halloween costume! And the beads were 50 percent off at JoAnns Fabric! 

 I stained the loom because I wanted it to be a little darker! Then I cut out the lace into a circle just smaller then the loom! I stitched it on and tied loose ends... whatever I didn't tie I hot glued! (Seriously love that thing) 

I added my beads and feathers and look how it turned out!! 

What do you think??

We Were Featured!

Hey remember this post back from a while back? Well guess what! We were able to do a guest post for FunCheapOrFree.com! Go Check it out!

She has some pretty awesome ideas on how to live on a budget!

Thanks for stopping by today!

4th of July!

Betcha' didn't know I work as a Bridal Consultant at this adorable bridal store called Petals and Promises! I love working with the tulle and lace... oh yeah and the brides OF COURSE! I'm sure I'm always (accidentally) interrogating every detail of their up coming wedding! I could talk wedding all day! So, in honor of the 4th, here's an inspiration board I put together for their site! Check it out!

Here are some of my favorite 4th of July Wedding Ideas!

1. Who doesn't love American pie? Displaying pies at different heights is a fun and unique way to create a dessert bar for everyone to enjoy! See more ideas for a Pie Bar Here!

2. A charming country picnic wedding! Use silverware packets to dress up your meal! Check out these adorable handmade packets Here!

3. Leave your party with a sight to remember! Having a sparkler send off is a fun and beautiful way to make an exit! Giving your guests know a time is the best way to make sure everyone gets involved! Check out tips Here!

4. Check out this Beautiful Red White and Blue Bouquet Here!

5. An I Do BBQ! Breakout the Grill its time to turn up the heat! Look Here for adorable invites!

6. We can't forget about our men! Suspenders and bow-ties will easily give your wedding party that vintage look!

7. Use a vintage bike to ride off into the sunset with your man! See it Here!

Happy Independence Day!

Chalk Board Bunting

I love this adorable chalkboard bunting! You really can use it for anything! It's so versatile!  This bunting comes with 6 chalkboard flags and 8 ft. of twine! The twine is threaded through the flags which makes it easy to slide them on and off!

Wouldn't this be so cute for birthdays, holidays, and just any days!?!? Check out our store here!

Coffee Table Storage Chest!

Check out our latest project! I've been begging for a storage chest for a long time now! I wanted one so we wouldn't have to throw our blankets in the corner anymore! Isn't in GORGEOUS!?

I tried some new painting techniques to get that chipped paint look! The base coat is a dark Coffee bean color and the top coat is a lighter Sand color! Then we went over it with a Grey Weathered Oak stain!

The decorative pieces are wooden embelishments we found in the crown molding isle at Home Depot!

We also added a simple brushed nickel hinge to the back so the lid lifts with ease!

I'm a little obsessed at this point! It's posted in our Etsy Shop so feel free to check it out!

Toddler bed!

My dear friend Sara has the most adorable and spunky little girl named Lucy! She came to me the other day and asked if I'd be up for re-doing a toddler bed! Sara's expecting a boy in September and so they wanted to keep things gender neutral! Check it out!

I think this will be the perfect addition to little Lucy's room! Why is everything cuter when it's tiny!?

Common Sights!

If you ever pull up to our place on any given day... most likely this is what you'll see!
Life Lately...

Happy Summer!!!

We've got some sweet projects coming up so stay tuned!

Tiered Herb Planter Box $38

Three Tiered Herb Planter Box 
Board 5.5" Wide x 32" Long 
Planter Boxes 3" Tall x 4" deep x 5.5" Wide

Comes with chalk board erasable chalk board labels!

(Plants not included)

Let's try a re-do!

Our latest Before and After! My mother in law had this mirror just sitting in her basement! With her brand new home addition she's been wanting to vamp up some of her old decor! It turned out so great! I wanted to put up some pictures and give tips for refinishing items and getting that distressed look!

Tip 1: When possible make every effort to REMOVE any parts you do not desire to paint. Remove all hardware, any glass, screws etc.

Tip 2: Sanding by hand is so ridiculously annoying for large projects... I'd suggest using a sander to get the majority of the project sanded down! Apply even and pressure when sanding and put a little muscle into it!

Tip 3: When distressing, blot excess paint off your brush before starting. This allows you to have control of how much paint you apply!

Tip 4: Use a drop cloth... I didn't... look at my table... ops! (It washed off! No big deal!)

She loved it! What projects have you been meaning to redo this summer?