Feelin' Kinda Shabby!

A while ago, I was at a friends house and I saw this cabinet just sitting in her basement! I asked her if she planned on doing anything with it and she said I could have it! Love you Kell! So I took it home with grand plans in mind! I had been dying to find a project that I could use chicken coop wire for! This was the perfect choice! I was a little hesitant because chicken coop wire is a little rough to work with but, I'm glad I chose a small project to start with! Check it out!

 I started out by removing the mirror! It had the tiniest screws and I may or may not have lost a few in my carpet at first... I have since learned to have some type of a dish to keep them in :)

Next step was removing the door from the cabinet part! 

 After I removed the door it was easy to measure the chicken wire for the face of the door!
Cutting the wire was a different story. My husband and i both worked on it which helped having 4 hands to help keep it from rolling up! 

After the sizing and cutting was done I took off to do some painting! I chose a pretty sage green color and used a pecan stain over it! I probably should have primed it or sanded it but I didn't.
Next, it was time to get the guns out... and the staple gun! (Seriously though my arms got a work out!)
The staples held it in nicely if I do say so my self!

We reattached the door, changed the knob and wa-la! It turned out so great! I have a few different Ideas of where to put it... what do you think?