Southern Utah!

This post may be over due but for Spring Break we went to St. George! -which is basically where the rest of the world goes for spring break... well the rest of UT anyways

We hiked a little...

Modeled a little...

Zion's National Park was a hoot! We actually just kinda drove through and did mini hikes but It was so beautiful! You can tell by our attire that Zion in March is a little chilly! 

We took a day and road triped to Kanab, UT and truly experienced a Redneck's Heaven!

Look at that handsome man! 

 If I look terrified it's because I am... I repelled off a FREAKIN' 100' Cliff!

I had never been to Kanab before infact... I had never even heard of it but it was such a magical place! We told ghost stories over a campfire! Apparently there are legends about a hidden treasure on the property! Maybe next time we'll be lucky enough to cash in!

Spring Break 2014 Success! 


  1. Love, love, love old vehicles like that. :) Looks fun!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Love your store items, too!

  2. Thanks so much Iris! I really appreciate your sweet comments!