We love halloween...

I don't mean to brag but... Every year Ty and I kill it in the costume contest! 




This year's Duck Dynasty ensemble was a total blast to put together! The best part about DIY halloween costumes is how cheap you can really make it! Just get a little creative, shop around second hand stores and use a lot of hot glue! 


Dear Husband,

Well this weekend was not quite the fall break we were hoping for. Although the plan we had to spend the day at the amusement park never happened, we still made good memories! After driving for about an hour, our silly car decided to stop working on the freeway! I could tell you were panicked but you held your cool as to not freak me out. (Thanks for that) We coasted out of the far left lane towards the side of the road and you made it to an off ramp so way to go! Even though our engine was smoking and our car was doomed... we pulled out a blanket and our cooler full of luchables and treats and we had a picnic until help arrived.

Since life is notorious for handing out lemons, I'm glad you're the one I get to make lemonade with! I would choose you over and over to be on my team! Thanks for always helping me make light of a crumby situation! I don't know how I'd make it through with out you!

In the end I'm glad we walked away from that dumb Tarus! I don't even miss it! And our new car is a lot more fancy! (I still can't believe we had a new car picked out in 20 min)
Can't wait to see whats next for us!

Your wife

Happy Autumn Days

Loving these Autumn colors! Hope you enjoyed your weekend we sure did!

Fall Decorating

I LOVE fall! I love fall smelling candles! I love the color scheme that comes with fall! I love my fall wardrobe! I love the crunching of leaves! I love the crisp air! (Ok ok I think you get the picture) One of my favorite things however is fall decor! When I was in high school I worked at a magical place called Rod Works. Holiday decorations were always my favorite items to display. I couldn't wait until I had a house of my own to decorate for the seasons. But then I got to adulthood and found out that we're poor and decorating can be expensive. So here are some fun Halloween/fall decorations that we made to add to our holiday collection!

We had so much fun painting these pumpkins and we saved a lot of money making them ourselves!  What fall projects will you come up with this year?

Sister Swap Meet

Growing up with all sisters had its fair share of fun and drama! I dare say some of our biggest drama was over sharing (aka stealing) clothes. I'm second oldest and I always found a way to sneakily borrow my older sister's clothes and return them back to her closet before she could tell it went missing. (She hated it!) Then once my younger sister got old enough she stole from my closet and the youngest stole from hers. It's just what sisters do! Although we all have different body types, it seems that within the last couple years we've all worn relatively the same size of clothing. Instead of just "hand-me-downs" things started getting "handed up" as well. 

With life being as busy as it is, the four of us don't get together as often as we'd like! Luckily this last weekend we had the chance to finally get all of us together for a girls weekend! Knowing I was going to see my sisters I started to gather the clothes I don't wear anymore to see if my sisters would want to pick over them before I gave them to good will! That's what first sparked the idea of our Sister Swap Meet! 

How it works:
Everyone brings clothes that are still in style but maybe aren't worn as often. (Each person keeps tabs on their own pile of clothing.) Showcase the clothes everyone brought and let the bartering begin! Obviously both ends of the trade have to agree its fair and then once you hand it over... it is theirs for good! 

We had a great time laughing, trading clothes, and eating treats! It was a great way to spruce up our closets with little to no cost! Hopefully we can do this every year! If you're feeling bored with your wardrobe, get a group of girls together and try your own Sister Swap Meet! 

Birthday Weekend!

This weekend this handsome man had a birthday! Tyler had his favorite breakfast treat Caramel Pull-aparts, we watched Parks and Rec, a show we highly recommend, we had dinner with the family, and ate Texas sheet cake. It was a good weekend!

Happy Birthday Mr. love you more then anything!