About Us

Hi! My name is Danelle and my handsome husband's name is Tyler and welcome to our blog!

We're glad you stopped by! 

Tyler and I were married in the Logan Temple on December 17th 2011! We both attend Utah State University and we LOVE being Aggies!

We came up with the idea to sell handmade home decor in October 2012 to make a little extra cash as poor college students. We enjoy bouncing ideas off each other for new projects. He uses the power tools and I use the crafty ones!

Decorating has always been a hobby of mine. As a senior in High School I worked at a little slice of Heaven known as Rod Works. While working there I learned that less in not more... more is more! And  I have over crowed my displays my home with decor ever since. Every time I hang something new on the wall Tyler makes a comment about fearing one day I'll even hang our kids on the wall! (If they are cute enough I just might...Shhh) But, I digress. When my mom realized how much fun I had decorating, she asked me to put together a display on her porch. From that season on, I decorated my mom's porch. We'd pull out the totes from the attic and go to work!

One particular time after decorating my mom's porch, I was inspired to make her a few new decorations to add to her collection. It was then I decided to make a business out of it! We decided we could make decor, display it (on a porch) and sell each individual item for other people to use on their porches!

We started brain storming name we could call our little business. The Red Front Door fit all to perfectly. You see, the porch I grew up eating Otter Pops on...the one I watched thunder storms on...the one I had my first kiss on...  that front porch has a red front door.

We hope you like what you see!

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