The other day I was on pinterest and I saw this cute polkadot shirt with these mint green pants! I loved the look so much I started looking for a tan polkadot sweater (or something like it) to go with my mint pants! Unfortunately I couldn't find one. Then I remembered this fun DIY project I saw on the blog Pretty Life Anonymous (check it out here) So, here was my inspiration for my latest crafting project!

 I can't believe I forgot about this tan button up shirt I bought at Target a few years ago. It's just been sitting in my closet waiting to be put to good use! I had a bottle of white paint although gold dots would have also been a fabulous choice! The round sponge was in the stencil isle at Hobby Lobby and came in a pack of 3 for 2 bucks! I put cardboard in between the shirt so the paint wouldn't leak through (and cause unwanted dots on the back)! 

Not too shabby! Can't wait to try it in a few different outfits! 


In December 2012 we spent two and a half weeks back packing through Thailand! Tyler had lived in Thailand for two years prior as an LDS missionary so he spoke the language and knew all the spots we couldn't miss! We flew out from SLC, UT!

26 hours later we finally arrived in Bangkok!

We slept on Sleeper trains....

And woke up feeling like this....

...we made Thai food!

...rode bikes around some ancient ruins....

...rode more sleeper trains as we made our way north...

...fed some monkeys....

Tyler got bit in the face by a monkey.... (See that devil on his shoulder?) some loves from an Elephant....

...took the scariest ride of my life... (those scooters in thailand are terrifying!)

...watched this man try to get eaten by a crocodile...

...had a fish massage... (so weird!)

...rode elephants...

...took a bamboo river raft...

... hung out with some monks...

... and had AN AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE experience as we traveled through that beautiful country! I am already counting down for when we get to go back!  

Fun Facts About Us

They// met in a college math class
He// got her in trouble for talking in class
She// always saved him a seat
He// got an "A"
She// did not
They// dated for a year and then got married
She// never stops talking
He// stops and listens
They// like to dance in the kitchen
She// magically ends up with all the covers in the morning
He// thinks she stole them
They// don’t have TV and probably never will
He// cooks dinner most nights
She// wants to paint every wall in their future home
He// likes to do dangerous things occasionally
She// refuses to watch him do dangerous things
They// go to bed considerably early
She// is always cold
He// always tries to turn off the heat when she’s not looking
She// loves dramatic TV series
He// loves movies
She// usually falls asleep during them
They// love to travel
She// always has a song stuck in her head
He// loves to insert her name into any song he can
They// would rather cuddle than do dishes
She// confuses Lord of the Rings with Harry Potter sometimes
He// won’t watch either movie with her anymore
They// try to embarrass each other in front of strangers
He// finishes a book a week
She// keeps all the love notes he writes her
He// prefers sugar cereal over any other kind
They// are so in love