Fun Facts About Us

They// met in a college math class
He// got her in trouble for talking in class
She// always saved him a seat
He// got an "A"
She// did not
They// dated for a year and then got married
She// never stops talking
He// stops and listens
They// like to dance in the kitchen
She// magically ends up with all the covers in the morning
He// thinks she stole them
They// don’t have TV and probably never will
He// cooks dinner most nights
She// wants to paint every wall in their future home
He// likes to do dangerous things occasionally
She// refuses to watch him do dangerous things
They// go to bed considerably early
She// is always cold
He// always tries to turn off the heat when she’s not looking
She// loves dramatic TV series
He// loves movies
She// usually falls asleep during them
They// love to travel
She// always has a song stuck in her head
He// loves to insert her name into any song he can
They// would rather cuddle than do dishes
She// confuses Lord of the Rings with Harry Potter sometimes
He// won’t watch either movie with her anymore
They// try to embarrass each other in front of strangers
He// finishes a book a week
She// keeps all the love notes he writes her
He// prefers sugar cereal over any other kind
They// are so in love


  1. Cute! I'm surprised to see this since I thought you were giving up on blogging! :) Love it, I'm actually working on a little blogging myself right now! :)

  2. haha I was but.. I thought I'd give it another shot! Do you recognize this pic?